European Policies

There are many existing thorough and robust European sport and physical activity policies which enrich the HEPA environment across Europe. It is not the intention of Europe in Action to replicate what already exists, but more so to complement existing policy and assist in implementing recommendations at local and regional level.

Europe in Action project published a report on ‘Regional Analysis of EU Grassroots Sports Policy Delivery Framework‘, which provides an analysis of the regional needs and implementation priorities in Europe by mapping and identifying national strategies, policies and guidelines of each region and country, as well as practical national and local deliverable of each region and country – related to the EU policy papers. 

TAFISA Mission 2030

TAFISA Mission 2030 « For a Better World Through Sport for All » is the guiding document for a global strategy to fight the worldwide physical inactivity epidemic. The goal is to create a better world through Sport for All, by addressing 12 global challenges.

TAFISA, 2017

EU Physical Activity Guidelines

The EU Physical Activity Guidelines are recommended policy actions in support of health-enhancing physical activity.

European Commission, 2008

Tartu Call For A Healthy Lifestyle

The Tartu Call is a proposal to strengthen the cooperation between different policy areas to promote healthy lifestyles. It included 15 commitments to promote healthy lifestyles through diets, sport, physical activity, education and food.

European Commission, 2017


As a follow-up to the Tartu Call for a Healthy Lifestyle, the HealthyLifestyle4All is the European Commission’s two-year campaign that aims to link sport and active lifestyles with health, food and other policies. It showcases the European Commission’s commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles for all, across generations and social groups, noting that everyone can benefit from activities that improve health and well-being.

European Commission, 2022

EU Report “Grassroot Sports – Shaping Europe”

This report provides an evaluation of the place and role of grassroots sport in European society and ideas on how the EU could better support and develop grassroots sport in order to strengthen the network of sports clubs.

European Commission, 2016

EU Workplan for Sport

The 2021-2024 Work Plan outlines the guidelines and objectives of the European Union on the subject of Sport and establishes the following priority areas: Protect integrity and values in sport; Socio-economic and environmental dimensions of sport; Promotion of participation in sport and health-enhancing physical activity.

Council of European Ministers of Sport, 2020

Council Recommendation on promoting health-enhancing physical activity across sectors

Recommendations for Member States and for the Commission.

Council of the European Union, 2013

Council of Europe: European Sports Charter

The Charter provides guidance for the Council of Europe’s member states to perfect existing legislations or other policies and to develop a comprehensive framework for sport.

Council of Europe, 1992, revised 2001

Kazan Action Plan

The Kazan Action Plan resulting from MINEPS VI provides a framework encouraging policy convergence and coordinated efforts by policy-makers and stakeholders in the field of physical education, physical activity and sport.

UNESCO, 2017

WHO Global Action Plan on Physical Activity (2018-2030)

The Global Action Plan on Physical Activity recognises the manifold benefits of physical activity and aims to provide a framework of effective policy action to increase physical activity, under the vision “More active people for a healthier world”.

WHO, 2018