The Educational Modules are a free and accessible resource which provide practical knowledge to succeed in promoting, developing and delivering Sport for All initiatives. The Modules serve as a tool for the Sport for All community to learn, develop ideas and exchange knowledge and experiences as well as empower stakeholders from all levels and areas of the Sport for Al l Movement.

The Mission 2030 Modules are based upon carefully selected themes from key European policies and have the following purpose:

Fill a gap which exists in terms of non-formal education

Educate sport leaders to achieve a more active society in all European countries

Support local, national, and international sport organisations in the implementation of programmes and events

Promote Health Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA) and Sport for All throughout Europe

Assist with the implementation of the 2013 Council Recommendation on promoting HEPA across sectors

an educational module

The Modules can be delivered by any Sport for All stakeholder, and will bring together participants from various regions, countries, levels, professional environments and sectors, to focus on cross-sectorial cooperation and alliances to maximise the contribution of Sport for All.

The aim of hosting a Module is to create an environment for participants to expand their knowledge, share knowledge and experiences, network, discuss and debate topical issues, create partnerships and collaborations, develop and share best practices and become part of the Mission 2030 alumni.

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