Leadership & Integrity

In recent years faced with the COVID pandemic, systemic racism, political instability and a global economic crisis, the public response has been widespread mistrust in both leaders and institutions. Rebuilding confidence in leadership, believing in the integrity of leaders and organisations, and trust in Governance structures requires not only a commitment to transparency and accountability, but an active strategy of citizen engagement.

Recent global events have highlighted a win at all costs mandate, where self preservation and promotion comes before the common good. Sport for All, by its very nature, contradicts the trend toward individual benefit at the expense of the many. The values base of Sport for All, on fair play, equal opportunity and inclusion are also foundational elements of democratic systems and governance. This module highlights the critical elements of good governance, the links with Sport for All value base as well as exploring good practice models.


Understanding Governance

Global State of Play

European State of Play

Sport for All Uniqueness, Structures and Values

Governance, Leadership and Risk

Integrity and Fair play

Relevant case studies and good practices



Code of Ethics/Accountability/Transparency/Democracy/Stakeholder Involvement Regulation/Citizen engagement/Decision making/Administration/Strategy/Separation of powers/Conflict of Interest