& volunteerism

Globally, people are searching for a connection to community, never more so than now in the world living through a global pandemic. While fear has had parents keeping children indoors, elderly citizens in their homes, high fences separating neighbours - it has perhaps taken a global pandemic to highlight the value of and intensify the search for community.

While community means different things to different people, the common element is a sense of kinship of connection of value and meaning. Volunteerism, in all its forms, contributes greatly to a sense of community, and sport and sport for all provide as an important vehicle to involve, train recognise and value volunteer contribution. This module highlights the importance and value of the volunteer, the role of Sport for All in community cohesion and the benefits of volunteering to both individuals and communities and innovative strategies to increase volunteer involvement.


Global State of Play

European State of Play

COVID Impact, Challenges and Opportunities

Types of volunteer engagement

Benefits of Volunteerism

Practice and Principles of Volunteer Engagement

Relevant case studies and good practices



Social cohesiveness/Isolation/Connectedness/Kinship/Social fabric/Belonging/Skills based Volunteering/Corporate engagement/Corporate Social Responsibility