Join our Online Conference on Translating European Grassroots Sport Policy into Practical Action!

On 15 November from 13:30-15:30 (UTC+1/CET), the Europe in Action Final Conference will take place online. Registrations are free and open to all Europeans!

This final conference will identify needs, strengths, weaknesses, gaps and limitations in each region and introduce resources, from good practices to educational modules, to address the current situation and design a European regional strategy in the field of grassroots sport. An interactive session will allow Europeans from various regions to share their successes and challenges with each other and the rest of Europe, to better understand how we can design an effective strategy to implement successful and effective grassroots sport initiatives.

Europe in Action is undertaking an innovative and specialised approach to transfer fundamental and topical European policies relating to grassroots sport into practical actions for the benefit of European grassroots sport stakeholders. The research and analysis of existing EU policy has enabled themes for priority action to be selected to ensure streamlining into the agenda of stakeholders responsible for national and local policy and practical implementation. The Europe in Action project is led by TAFISA and co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.