TAFISA hosts 16th Europe in Action Project Partners Meeting

3 August 2022

On Wednesday 3 August, TAFISA hosted the 16th Europe in Action project partner meeting which was attended by all nine organizations. The partners have been meeting virtually every eight weeks which has provided pivotal moments for discussion regarding the various work packages and developments of the project’s outputs.

The meeting presented an exciting opportunity to discuss the progress of the project undertaken so far and to map out the key milestones for the rest of this year. Partners were updated on the progress the Capacity Building Platform. The Platform will host the thirteen non-formal Educational Modules alongside the Good Practice database and key European Policies and will be launched during the Closing Conference in Lisbon. In connection to this, it was announced that of the 13 modules, ‘Gender Equity’ will be piloting virtually by TAFISA in early September. The piloting carries the ambition to bring together participants from various EU regions, member states, professional environments and sectors – specifically targeting stakeholders from various levels and areas of focus to foster the creation of cross-sectorial cooperation and alliances in European and national Sport for All policy delivery. Watch this space to find out how you can participate in the piloting of the Modules!

Further, the programme of the Final Conference programme was discussed. Scheduled to be held on October 18th, the Final Conference will be a platform to share the results of the project and engage changemakers, policy makers and practitioners on the recommendations of the project. It will also provide an opportunity for an exchange of knowledge and experiences on how we can better succeed at promoting Sport for All and empower all stakeholders from the local, national and international level to take an action. Stay tuned as the full programme will be released soon. You can already made a pre-registration here: https://forms.gle/uknJcjDVN8PbBaMUA